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Looking for the Perfect Dance Band for your Corporate Event?

We will rock your corporate event!
InVersion Band specializes in live music for corporate events, weddings, gala dinners, fundraisers, graduations and more.

There are only a few dance bands in the area that have top accolades from major publishers. InVersion Band is one of those bands! You may ask "What the difference is between the party bands in the market?". The answer is simple. We are a REAL band. We are NOT a party band full of left-over musicians from other projects that happen to be available. InVersion Band is an owner operated band that loves performing for you!

InVersion Band has an incredible reputation for going the extra mile for our clients and for very high quality live entertainment, at a reasonable rate. Some bands will charge you twice as much or more, just because your event is in the same month as high demand holiday nights. We will never price gouge you for any reason. We coordinate with your corporate planner to make sure your itinerary is followed by the numbers. InVersion takes your event seriously and gives 110% effort, every show. Don't fall for 'big box' bands that put together copies of themselves during the busy season to handle overflow weddings and corporate events. Go with a real band that values your business and takes every show serioulsy. We play together every show, every weekend for many years. InVersion is a cohesive group of talented musicians that actually call this band their permanent 'band home'. So don't pay twice as much for a bunch of substitute musicians that have been thrown together at the last minute. Book your corporate party entertainment with us. Your guests will thank you for it.

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