Covid-19 / Coronavirus and the Entertainment Industry


As we all know, Covid-19 has had a dramatic impact on us all. The hospitality business and entertainment industries have been especially hard hit. Dallas Texas is no exception.  These industries depend on events and dine-in areas that obviously involve people coming together and enjoying a meal, gathering in audiences, or celebrating a couple's marriage. As hard as everything may be, making the right choices now will stop the curve of this virus and allow all of our lives to get back to normal shortly. 

Many of our March clients have rescheduled their weddings, corporate events, or fundraisers for the summer and fall. We have plenty of open Friday, Saturdays, and Sundays to accommodate everyone that needs to move their event. InVersion Band stands by our commitment and flexibility in scheduling your event at the best possible time for you. We understand that this may be an inconvenience. We don't like it any more than our clients. But, we will be here when this is all over and celebrating with you, when the time is right. And it will be incredible.

We grieve for those that have been directly impacted by Coronavirus and pray for the families that have lost loved ones or friends. In this time of great divisiveness, we ask that you love and become even closer to your families, neighbors, and friends. Accept those that you may disagree with on small, trivial things that most of us have absolutely no control over. This critical time is the time for us all to come together as a nation. We should all help those in need and try to stay positive. We will be through this before you know it and maintaining a positive mental attitude is not only better for your relationships, but it's imperative for your health.

Please reach out us if you need us. We're always here.

With Love & Hope,

InVersion Band