Why hire a live band for your wedding reception?

There are a lot of options out there for entertainment for wedding receptions. You may be asking yourself, why should I go through the trouble of hiring a band instead of perhaps a DJ? Well, the answer is simple. The RIGHT live band will deliver the "live concert scenario" at your wedding. 

Live bands are extremely interactive. Most premium wedding bands these days are at least 8 piece bands and go all the way up to 14 piece bands. That gives you a lot of people on stage that are walking, talking, musical instrument playing, fun machines.  Aside from the improvisation, ad-libs with the crowd, etc., live bands deliver multiple professional performers that understand how to read a room and how to get the crowd engaged in the show, direct activities, and quite simply, get the guests out of their seats and involved. Most live band performers have hundreds, if not thousands of events and know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Live music cannot be topped by recordings. When hiring the right band, they're going to bring a pretty sophisticated sound system to your reception that is capable of handing an 8+ piece band. This, in combination with the live instrument's unamplified sounds, cannot be compared to a recording.

Most live bands will also have some sort of DJ going on during the set breaks and activities. While they may not be as sophisticated as a pro DJ, having a live band at your wedding is certainly a two-fer in that department. Most bands will carry a laptop or mp3 player for this purpose. You or your bridal planner can always coordinate a simple playlist with them to play during your garter and bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc.

Lighting: As opposed to other types of entertainment, having a live band, on a stage is literally the centerpiece of setting the mood and ambiance at your reception. Most live bands carry a LARGE array of lighting that will dazzle your guests. Make sure to ask your band leader about their lighting. Premium acts have multiple trusses setup with lots of different scenes and effects that will dazzle your reception's guests and simply make sure that your band isn't playing 'in the dark'. 

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