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With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, there are many planning on making the perfect proposal! Such an exciting time! No doubt, the bride to be will be making big plans for the perfect wedding day shortly after the big question is popped! The perfect wedding planner, the most beautiful wedding venue, who will make your perfect wedding cake or photograph your special day?! In addition, the perfect entertainment for you and all your guests at the reception! InVersion Band will make your day one to remember! Your guests will talk about your perfect reception for years to come! Consider the absolute best for your wedding entertainment! 

Our company philosophy is providing the highest quality private party entertainment while not gouging clients at crazy prices. We hope to entertain your families and friends on your family's special day.


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Why hire a live band for your wedding reception?

There are a lot of options out there for entertainment for wedding receptions. You may be asking yourself, why should I go through the trouble of hiring a band instead of perhaps a DJ? Well, the answer is simple. The RIGHT live band will deliver the "live concert scenario" at your wedding. 

Live bands are extremely interactive. Most premium wedding bands these days are at least 8 piece bands and go all the way up to 14 piece bands. That gives you a lot of people on stage that are walking, talking, musical instrument playing, fun machines.  Aside from the improvisation, ad-libs with the crowd, etc., live bands deliver multiple professional performers that understand how to read a room and how to get the crowd engaged in the show, direct activities, and quite simply, get the guests out of their seats and involved. Most live band performers have hundreds, if not thousands of events and know exactly what to do and when to do it.

Live music cannot be topped by recordings. When hiring the right band, they're going to bring a pretty sophisticated sound system to your reception that is capable of handing an 8+ piece band. This, in combination with the live instrument's unamplified sounds, cannot be compared to a recording.

Most live bands will also have some sort of DJ going on during the set breaks and activities. While they may not be as sophisticated as a pro DJ, having a live band at your wedding is certainly a two-fer in that department. Most bands will carry a laptop or mp3 player for this purpose. You or your bridal planner can always coordinate a simple playlist with them to play during your garter and bouquet toss, cake cutting, etc.

Lighting: As opposed to other types of entertainment, having a live band, on a stage is literally the centerpiece of setting the mood and ambiance at your reception. Most live bands carry a LARGE array of lighting that will dazzle your guests. Make sure to ask your band leader about their lighting. Premium acts have multiple trusses setup with lots of different scenes and effects that will dazzle your reception's guests and simply make sure that your band isn't playing 'in the dark'. 

To book your dream wedding band today, simply reach out to us at 214-995-6175. You can also check us out here on our blog or on our main website:

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A Park City Club Beautiful Wedding

Last weekend, InVersion Band had the honor and privilege to entertain Meredith Shipp and Alex Carpenter on their most special day. Meredith looked breathtaking and dashing Alex was the envy of the room. We wish Alex and Meredith all the best wishes and love in their lives together. We thank them for selecting us. Their beautiful families and friends danced all night and warmly made us feel welcome.

Their reception was held at Park City Club located in the heart of the University Park & Highland Park communities. Their staff, from the head of security (our new friend Scott), whom we worked with all afternoon to get our extensive lighting and sound up to the 17th floor, to the director of catering Hala Askar, were all a joy to work with. Park City Club has a full panoramic view spectacular view of the Dallas skyline. Their ballroom offers a sense of old world luxury and classic design. InVersion Band highly recommends that you consider them for your upcoming wedding or corporate event. 

As always, our friends a Chic Fleur Wedding and Events did an amazing job planning the wedding. We highly recommend them. They offer several different levels of service for their clients. We have worked with Whitney Bailey on many events and she is one of the best planners around.

Here a few pictures of the band tuning up before the party started! More pictures of the party in full swing, on the way!

Park City Club

5956 Sherry Lane
Suite 1700
Dallas, TX 75225

Phone Numbers

Main: 214.373.0756 
Member Line: 214.373.0630
Fax: 214.373.8305

Best Wedding and Corporate Party Bands Dallas

Best Wedding and Corporate Party Bands Dallas

Best Wedding and Corporate Party Bands Dallas

Best Wedding and Corporate Party Bands Dallas

Best Wedding and Corporate Party Bands Dallas

Park Cities Wedding Bands Live Music

Wedding Gifts for Grooms: A Tradition Brides Shouldn’t Ignore

Should you?
The answer is: Yes, it’s expected.
But it’s also a chance for all you brides out there to truly show you know that not everything is about you on your wedding day. That there really is another person involved (that would be the groom) who deserves a bit of recognition, too.

We’re talking wedding presents — specifically, yours to your husband-to-be.
Tradition does, indeed, hold that both you and he exchange gifts. And while it’s true that some guys are initially shocked to learn your engagement ring doesn’t also count as a “present,” that’s no excuse for you to waver. “Giving him something that’s just for him will make him feel really special,” advises

Here’s what you need to know now that it’s prime time for weddings:
* When to exchange them. Etiquette dictates that the hand-off occurs at one of three times: the night before the wedding, the morning of the ceremony, or right before leaving on your honeymoon. Think it’s bad luck to see the groom before the nuptials? “Many couples choose to courier gifts via bridesmaids or groomsmen just before the ceremony,” says
* There’s a thin line between “romantic” and “mushy.” Some of you may be tempted to compile a “love notes” journal of every bit of correspondence you’ve ever sent your groom. Even assuming he’s the type who wouldn’t consider that a bit “over the top,” there’s always the chance he might be left wondering, “Okay, where’s my real present?”– especially if his gift to you is a serious piece of jewelry.
* The consensus choice. There’s a reason a watch invariably makes everyone’s short list: It’s the perfect statement of who he is or aspires to be. (It’s also a lot more impressive than a flask, which for some reason also gets a few votes).

No less a taste arbiter than favors Baume & Mercier’s Clifton line — as elegant as the original 1950s model that inspired it — for the way it “easily transitions from big day to every day.” Like the Swiss watchmaker’s timelessly charming (and affordably luxurious) Classima line, it comes with a choice of straps, dial faces and a variety of what’s known as “small complications” that go way beyong just telling the hour. You can shop them at the Baume & Mercier e-boutique or by calling 1-800-MERCIER, where free engraving and wrapping are available.

* Fun fact. One writer at says he’s “heard of women giving their husbands watches in the ceremony instead of a wedding ring.” If so, the answer is: No, just like your engagement ring, that wouldn’t also qualify as a wedding present.