Memphis Nightclub in Addison - Made Black Friday Fun!

Black Friday was never so fun at Memphis Nightclub in Addison. Most bands in DFW consider this venue 'home base' as the musicians from all over come here after their events conclude. Here are a few pictures of the evening. I think you can see we had a little bit of fun that night! Next stop is Sherlock's Addison on Saturday Dec. 2nd! Hope to see you there! Check out the details here on Facebook!

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Welcome To Our New Blog!

As with most projects, this is one we've been trying to get to for literally a few years. Yes, I said 'years'. Building a band's brand is a full time job in itself, forget about actually booking and playing the shows, haha. That's all Phillip's job!  In any case, it's finally here and we're happy to have it online! Please stay tuned as we'll be posting about our shows, funny road trip stories, great clients, etc.! There will be a lot of smiles and warm fuzzies posted here, we guarantee it.